Auto Control System

Author:hngoob           Renew time:2020-02-22

Automatic control system R&D is based on starch processing line process control requirements. It has friendly interface and is easy to operateproviding users with a complete set of automated data acquisition and control solutions. With data acquisition, PID manual /automatic control, ESD chain emergency stop control, valve manual / automatic control, parameter setting, trends, alarms and other functions.Each key unit includes manual, automatic and stop function buttons; inautomatic mode, requires no human intervention, the system will automatically execute the command associated equipment according to the process control requirements; in manual mode, the system will be according to the operation of the operator, start and stop the implementation of the action; in the stop unitthe system will automaticallystop the unit corresponds to pumps, valves and other equipment. Even in the case of automatic equipment inside the unit also has amanual/automatic switching functionconvenient in the case of the automatic commands; you can also intervene in a devicethus greatly increasing the operability of the system. 



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