Vacuum Filter

Author:hngoob           Renew time:2020-02-22

Vacuum filter is widely used for the starch dehydration in medicine, food, chemical engineering and other industries.

All the equipment made of high quality stainless steel, rotating drum speed can frequency control. Cleaning of the drum is using intermittent automatic flushing. Filter slot equipped with paddle stirrer to prevent starch deposition. And it is equipped with continuously adjustable level control. Dewatering machine is pneumatic controlled scraping blade discharging and the scraper is made of high hardness alloy.

The equipment absorbs the domestic and foreign advanced technology, stable, compact structure, low energy consumption, cover small area, work performance is good, high dewatering rate, no noise, convenient operation and maintenance, and is the ideal choice for large and medium-sized starch production enterprise.


◆ Adopts pneumatic scraper, scrape layer uniform and stability;

◆ Filter tank is equipped with automatic agitator, prevent starch sank to the bottom;

◆ Starch dewatering effect is good, has realized automatic discharging, reduce the labor intensity;

◆ Working without noise, stable work, work good continuity, easy to operate.


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