Peeler Centrifuge

Author:hngoob           Renew time:2020-02-22

Scraper discharging centrifuge is a filter centrifuge with fully automatic clearance operation for scraper discharging. It can automatically or manually carry out periodic cyclic operation of feeding, separating, washing, discharging and net washing. All processes of the machine are carried out at full speed.

This machine adopts electric-hydraulic combined control system, with independent electric control system and hydraulic system. In automatic operation, the operation time of each process of the machine is controlled by the electrical control system, and can be adjusted in a certain time range.

This machine is suitable for the separation of suspended solids with solid particle size of 0.05-1 mm and solid concentration of 20-80% (weight concentration). Because of the high separation factor and the good separation effect of the machine, the solid phase can be washed effectively at the same time, and the solid phase humidity obtained by the separation is low. Under the condition of reasonable selection and use of filter medium, the machine has a high production capacity, but because of the high-speed scraper discharge, it has a certain degree of fragmentation to the solid particles.

This machine is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, light industry and other industries, such as starch, ammonium sulfate, sodium sulfate, sulfuric acid, ferrous sulfate, power plant desulfurization, flue gas desulfurization, boric acid, polyvinyl chloride, urea, heavy alkali, caustic soda, salt, potassium chloride, sodium pentachloride and so on.



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