Aquaculture sewage treatment equipment

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Our company is a professional manufacturer of aquaculture wastewater treatment equipment, with excellent product quality and complete models.

Aquaculture wastewater mainly includes urine, part of feces and flushing water, which is high-concentration organic wastewater with high content of suspended solids and ammonia nitrogen. After this untreated sewage enters the natural water body, the content of suspended solids, organic matters and microorganisms in the water will increase, changing the physical, chemical and biological community composition of the water body and deteriorating the water quality. Sewage also contains a large number of pathogenic microorganisms that will spread through water bodies or through aquatic animals and plants, endangering human and animal health. In order to achieve the organic combination of economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits and enable enterprises to take the road of sustainable development, it is necessary to effectively treat their sewage.

According to the characteristics of difficult effective treatment of aquaculture wastewater, the design and development of large spring water treatment takes biochemical method as the core of aquaculture wastewater treatment equipment, and the independent development of aquaculture wastewater treatment equipment. The equipment covers a small area, has strong pertinence, is not affected by the weather, and has stable effluent. Especially, it has obvious removal effect on ammonia nitrogen pollutants in wastewater, which effectively solves the problems of difficult treatment of aquaculture wastewater and reaching the standard. Characteristics of sewage treatment equipment in farms:
1. The aquaculture sewage treatment equipment is made of carbon steel through anti-corrosion treatment. It is light in weight, easy to transport and convenient to install.
2. Adopt carbon steel and stainless steel anti-corrosion structure, with excellent characteristics of corrosion resistance and aging resistance, with a service life of 15 years.
3. Save land, do not need building houses, heating and heat preservation, realize the integration of equipment to the greatest extent, and reduce the occupied area;
4, no pollution, no peculiar smell, reduce secondary pollution;
5, is not limited by the amount of sewage, flexible, can be used individually, can also be used in combination;
6. The whole equipment processing equipment is equipped with automatic electrical control equipment and equipment failure alarm equipment. The operation is safe and reliable. Normally, there is no need to assign special personnel to manage the equipment. It is only necessary to timely maintain and maintain the equipment, with low management cost. Henan gubo industry co., ltd.
7. The secondary biological contact oxidation process adopts plug-flow biological contact oxidation, and its treatment effect is better than that of the fully mixed or secondary series fully mixed biological contact oxidation tank, and is smaller than that of the activated sludge tank, with strong adaptability to water quality, good impact load resistance, stable effluent quality and no sludge bulking. A novel elastic three-dimensional filler is adopted in the tank, so that the specific surface area is large, microorganisms are easy to hang and remove films, the removal rate of organic matters is high under the same organic matter loading condition, and the solubility of oxygen in air in water can be improved;
8. The biological contact oxidation method has been applied to the biochemical tank. The volume load of the filler is relatively low, the microorganism is in its own oxidation stage, and the sludge yield is low. It only takes more than three months (90 days) to discharge sludge (the sludge cake is pumped or dehydrated by a dung truck and transported outside). In order to avoid a series of problems of outdoor placement, sewage treatment equipment of farms can be buried underground, which can save part of land resources. This is of great practical significance for today when land prices are increasing day by day.


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