Carbon steel integrated equipment for sewage and wastewater

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Product Description:
Carbon Steel Integrated Equipment for Wastewater
Treatment Customization: Yes
Sewage treatment capacity: 1-50(m3/h)
Model: GCM-SW Ozone
consumption: to be determined (g/h)
Air volume: undetermined (m3/min)
Volume of air storage tank: undetermined (m3)
Flowmeter specification: 1-50(m3/h) Diameter of outlet pipe: 50-200(mm)
Diameter of water inlet pipe: 50-200(mm)
Overall dimensions: specified (cm)
Aerator Power: Pending (kw)
Pump power: to be determined (kw)
Specifications: Pending

I. Overview of Buried Sewage Treatment Equipment The company's buried domestic sewage treatment equipment adopts the international advanced biological treatment process, which integrates the removal of BOD5, COD and NH3-N, and has the advantages of stable and reliable technical performance, good treatment effect, less investment, less land occupation and convenient maintenance. Our company can also support reclaimed water reuse equipment according to customer requirements.

Second, product characteristics
1, buried under the surface, the surface above the equipment can be used as green or other land, do not need to build houses and heating, heat preservation.
2. The two-stage biological contact oxidation process adopts plug-flow biological contact oxidation, and its treatment effect is better than that of fully mixed or two-stage series fully mixed biological contact oxidation tanks. Compared with activated sludge tank, it has small volume, strong adaptability to water quality, good impact load resistance, stable effluent quality and no sludge bulking. A novel elastic three-dimensional filler is adopted in the tank, so that the specific surface area is large, microorganisms are easy to hang films and remove films, the organic matter removal rate is high under the same organic matter loading condition, and the solubility of oxygen in air in water can be improved.
3. The bio-contact oxidation method is adopted in the biochemical tank. The volume load of the filler is relatively low, the microorganism is in its own oxidation stage, and the sludge yield is low. The sludge only needs to be discharged once every three months (90 days) (the sludge cake is sucked or dehydrated by a dung truck and transported outside).
4. The deodorization method of the buried domestic sewage treatment equipment is equipped with soil deodorization measures in addition to conventional high-altitude exhaust.
5. The whole equipment processing system is equipped with a full-automatic electrical control system and an equipment failure alarm system. The operation is safe and reliable. Normally, there is no need for special personnel to manage the system. Only timely maintenance and maintenance of the equipment are required.
6. All pipes of the equipment shall be PVC pipes or stainless steel pipes. Connections between pipes shall be bonded with PVC adhesive or welded with stainless steel. The filler shall be suspended biological filler as biological carrier, with large biomass, easy film hanging, no ball formation and no blockage. Three, buried domestic sewage treatment device of several methods of use

 Able to treat comprehensive wastewater from living system and similar organic wastewater;

It is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and stainless steel and has excellent characteristics of corrosion resistance and aging resistance, with a service life of more than 50 years.
The complete set of equipment is simple to construct and easy to operate. All mechanical equipment is automatically controlled. All equipment can be installed on the ground surface.
IV. Scope of Application of Buried Domestic Sewage Treatment Devices
1, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals;
2, residential areas, villages and towns;
3. Stations, harbors, docks and ships;
4, factories, mines, tourist spots, scenic spots;
5. Various industrial organic wastewater similar to domestic wastewater.



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