Sewage Treatment UF Equipment

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Sewage Treatment UF Equipment in Water Treatment Plant


DM-CMF(integrated equipments) series
    Dreamem integrated continuous membrane filtration system adopts new membrane separation technology, cross flow filtration mode and online automatic cleaning (air, water washing) and other process technologies, and completes a series of automatic membrane filtration operations through PLC control.It can be designed according to the actual wastewater treatment capacity and water quality in the project,actually a fully customized service.

 1.There are high performance ultrafiltration membrane module,which can effectively block SS,and completely remove bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms in water.
    2.It can effectively avoid the secondary pollution of the system pipeline.
    3.The whole system can maintain or repair the module without shutdown.
    4.small occupation of land.
It can realize automatic on-line washing and adding bactericide and disinfectant,and PLC full automatic monitoring.
    6.The system has its own fault diagnosis function.

1.Municipal waterworks&Existing plant retrofit.
    2.Food&Drinking,Medical Industries.
    3.Ultrapure water&Seawater Desalination.
    4.Industrial Recycle Water treatment.
    5.Watewater treatment&Newater Reclamation.
    6.Water Reclamation.


Sewage Treatment UF Equipment in Water Treatment Plant
Place Of Origin Colorado,USA
Place Of manufacturer Shenzhen,China
Certification SGS;ISO
Packaging Details Coustomizable Design
Delivery Time 60-90working days
Model Capacity(m3/d) Size(L*W*H)
DM-loCMF-02 20 1000*1300*2650
DM-loCMF-05 50 1500*1300*2650
DM-loCMF-10 100 1500*1300*2650
DM-loCMF-30 300 2000*1300*2650
DM-loCMF-50 500 4000*1300*2650
DM-loCMF-100 1000 4900*1300*2650
DM-loCMF-150 1500 5500*1300*2650
                                                                                                                                                            (Provides customized services)

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Sewage Treatment UF Equipment in Water Treatment Plant


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