Reverse osmosis

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With the use of high water pressure, MC-FST reverse osmosis makes solvent (usually water) pass through high-precision RO membrane, while the vast majority of other foreign substances like inorganic ions, bacteria, virus, organic matters and colloid can't pass through, thus pure water can be made. Its water flux and removal rate are affected by pressure, temperature, recycle rate, influent water's salt content and PH value. Reverse Osmosis Equipment is the most advanced desalination equipment in the world at present, which can remove various metal ions, acid radical, bacteria, pyrogen and radioactive pollutants from water and whose desalination rate is up to 99%. Currently, it is an ideal equipment in pure water production, widely used in electronics, power, hospital, pharmacy, food and drinks, chemical field, etc.
Features of reverse osmosis: 
1. Continuous running, stable water quality without need of acid and alkali regeneration.
2. Will not stop machine due to regeneration.
3. Saving backflush and washing water.
4. Produce ultra-pure water at a high production rate (water production rate can reach 95%).
5. No regenerated sewage, no need of sewage treatment facilities.


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