Sand filter

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 One single continuous sand filter is divided into 4-6 compartments. The principle of continuous sand filter is a process in which filtration and backwash work at the same time. When the raw water flows through the water distributor after entering the water inlet, it flows down through the filter media, and in this process the sewage was intercepted by the filter media. The filtered water is collected and discharged by the water collecting compartment at the bottom of the filter. In the backwash process, close the inlet valve of the single compartment and open the backwash valve in sequence, the filter media in the collecting cavity is back washed by water in each cavity through gravity. After filtration and backwash, this kind of continuous sand filter can still keep the sand layer in place. 
No need for backwash water pump with high-power, high flow, large pump lift to backwash the dirty sand filter. Automation degree is increased, and there’s no need for manual sand washing;
Without the need for downtime to achieve continuous filtration process.
The amount of chemical dosage is relatively small, saving processing cost. Low operating costs and high degree of automation;
No moving parts, reducing equipment maintenance workload;
High degree of automation. Operation is extremely simple——no need for backwash water pump and the corresponding pipes and valves;

Install Height
Filter Area
Water Inlet pipe
Water Outlet pipe
Sludge discharge pipe
MJ-ICCF15 1500 5000 1.78 65 80 32 13~17
MJ-ICCF20 1700 5300 2.27 80 100 40 18~22
MJ-ICCF30 2000 5800 3.14 100 125 50 28~32
MJ-ICCF50 2700 6500 5.72 125 150 65 46~57
MJ-ICCF100 3500 7500 9.62 150 200 80 95~105


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