Instructions for Air Drying System

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The DGZQ1.5 pulse airflow drying complete equipment manufactured by Henan goob Industry Co., Ltd. is a new generation of products developed by absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad and combining with the actual production experience of our company. It is an ideal drying product with advanced level of new, efficient and energy-saving potato starch, sweet potato starch, tapioca starch, corn starch and wheat starch, which is deeply preferred and welcomed by users. Our company is specialized in the production and manufacture of all kinds of potato starch equipment, has strong production, scientific research and new product development capabilities, has rich experience in drying complete sets of equipment, products sell well to many domestic and foreign manufacturers, and enjoys high reputation in abiding by contract commitments, ensuring product quality and after-sales service. DGZQ series pulse air flow drying complete sets of equipment have formed series of products in our company, including DGZQ1.5, DGZQ2.0, DGZQ2.6, DGZQ3.2, DGZQ4.0, DGZQ6.0, DGZQ10, DGZQ13 and DGZQ18 complete sets of products. If users have special needs, they can also design and manufacture complete sets of equipment with specifications other than the series. This complete set of equipment produced by our company is responsible for installation and debugging for users.

I. overview
1. DGZQ1.5 pulse tube type air flow drying system uses high-speed hot air flow to suspend dried materials therein. Due to the variable cross section of some tube sections, the air flow speed changes continuously, so the heat transfer coefficient is high and a large amount of materials can be continuously dried.
2. Material drying only takes about 1 second, and the temperature of the material to be dried is generally not more than 50℃, so the drying system is especially suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials.
3. Since the whole set of equipment is under negative pressure at work, there is no dust pollution on the production site.
4. The installed capacity and steam consumption are lower than those of other drying equipment. The system is an energy-saving product.
5. The drying system has simple structure and convenient operation and maintenance.
6. The drying system is an ideal complete set of equipment for drying dehydrated starch in small and medium-sized starch factories that process potato, wheat, corn and other raw materials by wet method. It can also be used for drying other thermosensitive starch or flaky materials requiring rapid drying.

Characteristics of Work
The drying system can be used to dry moist granular or flaky materials as long as they can be suspended in high-speed hot air flow. In the drying process, due to the full contact of the materials in the flow, a complex process of heat exchange of heat conduction, convection and heat radiation can be formed between the hot air flow and the wet materials, so that the wet materials can achieve the purpose of drying. Wet materials are surrounded by hot air in the hot air stream, each particle can make the dried materials contact with the hot air stream to the maximum extent, and the heat transfer coefficient is high, which cannot be compared with other dryers. Due to the adoption of the pulse air duct, the air velocity changes, causing relative movement between the material and the hot air stream, and continuously updating the drying medium on the vaporization surface, the drying system has large drying intensity and volume heat exchange coefficient, and short drying time. The drying of most materials takes only a few seconds or so, so there will be no qualitative change in the drying of heat sensitive materials. The drying system can automatically measure the temperature before the inlet of the fan through a temperature sensor, can feed back the signal of the parameter to the frequency conversion motor of the wet starch buffer auger, and then controls the conveying amount of the wet material through the change of the rotating speed of the frequency conversion motor to meet the requirement of ensuring the moisture content of the dried material


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