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I. Features and Uses of Equipment:
ZXS-850 centrifugal sieve is a kind of centrifugal sieve used by Henan goob Industry Co., Ltd. for reference and absorption of various types of centrifugal sieve at home and abroad.
On the basis of the advantages of the heart sieve and combined with our company's many years of starch processing technology Experience developed high-efficiency starch separation equipment,
mainly used for wheat, potatoes, Washing and dehydration separation of cassava, sweet potato and other starch slurry.
Centrifugation synthesized by this unit The sieve group has the advantages of large treatment capacity, small power, stable equipment operation, large production capacity, starch and water content, and is suitable for industrial production. High extraction rate and easy installation are ideal for potato starch enterprises to produce on a large scale. Equipment.

II. Main Technical Parameters:
Sieve liner diameter: 850 mm;
Spindle speed: 700~1470 rpm;
Working mode: continuous; Motor power: 18.5-30kw;
Overall dimensions: 1200×1900×2100 Total
weight: about 1.5 tons

III. Structure and Working Principle: The equipment mainly consists of a bearing box assembly, a screen blue assembly, a shell assembly, a door body assembly, Support assembly, water tank assembly, back flushing system, transmission system and motor etc. see P12 Attached Figure: In addition, one slag pump and one defoaming pump shall be equipped according to the work requirements. According to Users can also be equipped with adjustable seat plates as required. The contact material inside the equipment is made of all stainless steel. On the one hand, it can Ensure that the materials are not interfered by other external factors; in addition, because all stainless steel is adopted It also effectively ensures that the equipment is not eroded by materials and is durable. At the same time, the appearance of equipment Beautiful and elegant, with the advantages of foreign similar equipment, reaching the international leading level. The crushed potato or wheat starch slurry uniformly enters the high speed through the feeding mechanism Under the action of gravity and centrifugal force, slurry flows along the screen surface on the rotating screen blue inner conical surface. Make circular movement and move to the edge of the screen blue at the same time, through the spray of the washing system, move In the process, the fine starch particles are discharged through the screen and discharged by the defoaming pump under the screen, which is relatively large. The starch granules cannot pass through the screen mesh and gradually fall into the slag bin and are discharged by the slag pump. Potato slag And starch slurry is continuously washed by washing water in the process of moving to the edge of the sieve basket, and most Free starch adsorbed in the slag slurry is removed to the greatest extent, and in addition, recoil in the back system Under the washing action, the fine slag adsorbed on the screen surface can be effectively removed, and the blockage of the screen surface is avoided. Ensuring the normal operation of the equipment;

IV. Installation of Equipment: The centrifugal screen set has the advantage of easy installation, but the installation foundation must be ensured before installation. At the same time, sufficient space is required around the foundation for equipment maintenance. Equipment The base is provided with corresponding hoisting holes, which can be hoisted to the foundation position by corresponding hoisting equipment. Party, equipment in place directly after the expansion bolt, the overall check equipment group after the firmness You can connect the power supply, install the pipes for feeding and discharging materials and the attached automatic control instruments. But to It is required that the connection between the feed pipe and the washing feed pipe must be connected with a hose to facilitate the centrifugal screen door. The normal opening of.

V. proper use of equipment:
1. Pre-start inspection;
1) Before starting the newly installed equipment for the first time, it is necessary to check whether the rotation direction of the main shaft is consistent with that of the main shaft. The directions indicated on the belt cover are consistent. Any inconsistency should be corrected. It is suggested that My company's engineering and technical personnel guide driving;
2) Check whether the screen is damaged or not. If so, repair it in time. If the damaged area is too large The screen should be replaced in time;
3) Check whether the bolts around the sieve basket are loose;
4) Check whether the flush pipe and nozzle are blocked or not, and ensure smooth waterway;
5) Check whether the door body seal is in good condition;
6) Ensure smooth flow of mechanical seal cooling water path on the pump;
7) Check whether the bearing is short of oil. This bearing requires lithium-based molybdenum disulfide lubrication. Grease, usually, it is recommended to add lubricating oil twice a week;
8) Use hand to coil the belt and check whether the transmission mechanism is flexible;
9) after the inspection, close the screen door, press the handle of the door body and connect the feed pipe with the Water inlet pipe, pay attention to maintain a good seal;
2. Start-up: The main motor must be started first, and after it runs stably for about one minute, Start the slag pump and defoaming pump in turn, and open the flushing water system. After everything is normal, immediately Can be fed;
3. Operation: During operation, the pressure of feed and wash water shall be checked frequently. If there is any difference Normal vibration and noise shall be immediately stopped for inspection. During normal operation of the equipment, It is recommended to check the bearing temperature once every hour. If it is overheated, stop the machine for inspection. Check;
4. Stop the machine: First stop the feeding, and then stop the main machine in turn after the material is screened thoroughly. Motor, slag pump, defoaming pump, stop the supply of flushing water after one minute;
5. After shutdown, open the screen door, clean the inside of the screen basket and screen body, and carefully inspect it. Check the screen surface to prepare for the next drive.

VI. Maintenance of Equipment:
Centrifugal screen is a continuous operation equipment, careful maintenance is the guarantee of continuous production, do Although this equipment group has excellent stability, regular maintenance is still very necessary.
1. Before starting, check all places in strict accordance with the contents of the previous section, and during use Attention should be paid to the observation of the operating mechanism and the sealing of all parts, and whether the bearings are Abnormal fever, an abnormal phenomenon immediately deal with;
2. When stopping the machine, check whether the belt is stressed evenly and whether there are fastening bolts for the belt cover. Looseness, whether the flushing pipeline is unblocked, etc.
3. The machine is equipped with imported toothed belts. When in use, it is necessary to ensure that all three belts are stressed equally. Uniform, when loading and unloading belt should pay attention to prohibit forced installation with crowbars and other tools, should be First lift the motor floor, hang up three belts and then lower the motor. through adjustment Motor floor fixing bolts to adjust belt tightness;
4. Disassembly method of sieve basket: This machine is equipped with special pressing block and large nut (inner and outer threads) Used to disassemble the sieve basket. The disassembly steps of the sieve basket are as follows:
1) Remove the bolt and end cover at the center of the main shaft to expose the central hole at the bottom of the sieve basket Internal thread;
2) placing the pressing block into the groove of the shaft head to cover the threaded hole in the center of the main shaft;
3) Screw the large nut (inner and outer threads) onto the coupling nut of the screen basket fixing plate;
4) Screw the self-provided M20 bolt into the large nut, and use T after resisting the pressing block. The whole screen basket can be detached from the taper head of the main shaft after being forced by the type-I wrench. Get down;
5) Insert the self-provided crowbar into the fixed end of the sieve basket and lift the sieve basket Dismantling the sieve basket;
5. When this equipment is not used for a long time, all parts inside and outside the equipment shall be cleaned up. Pay attention to No material should be stored in the cracks, and then the emptying valves of slag pump and defoaming pump should be opened to clear them. Drain the washing water clean, close the screen door after the water inside the equipment dries, and additionally The belt is loosened in order to increase the service life of the belt, and is added at the bearing seat position. Apply proper brand and lubricating oil;
6. The screen basket part (including taper fixing plate) of this equipment has been passed before leaving the factory. Strict overall dynamic balance test, if users need to disassemble this part, note It is intended to make marks before disassembly and ensure that the assembly is installed according to the existing marks. Match;


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