Dewatering machine instructions

摘要:Structural description 3.1 performance characteristics This equipment is a new generation of products developed by Henan goob Industrial Co., Ltd. by absorbing foreign advanced technology and combining with our actual production experience....


Centrifugal Sieve instruction

摘要:I. Features and Uses of Equipment: ZXS-850 centrifugal sieve is a kind of centrifugal sieve used by Henan goob Industry Co., Ltd. for reference and absorption of various types of centrifugal sieve at home and abroad. On the basis of the adv...


Determination of COD

摘要:Chemical oxygen demand (COD) refers to the amount of oxidant consumed when water is treated with strong oxidant under certain conditions. COD reflects the degree of water pollution by reducing substances. Reductive substances in water inclu...


National Standard for Edible Corn Starch

摘要:National Standard for Edible Corn Starch Edible corn starch refers to the edible starch produced by taking corn as the main raw material (the raw material meets the edible standard), which is divided into superior grade products, first grad...


Instructions for Air Drying System

摘要:The DGZQ1.5 pulse airflow drying complete equipment manufactured by Henan goob Industry Co., Ltd. is a new generation of products developed by absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad and combining with the actual production exper...


Rasper Instructions

摘要:Special warning In order to enable customers to better use the CM840-30 filing machine and to be safer in the operation process, the relevant matters will be emphasized and explained first. Please pay attention to the following matters in t...


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Starch machine

Sewage disposal

Sets of equ




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